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Democracy and political risk concept

Political Risk insurance provides cover for delays/additional costs incurred as part of your production as a direct result of Political Risks in politically volatile areas, the insurance can include cover for the following:

  • Abandonment – Loss of or damage to equipment following abandonment of all equipment due to production being required or advised by the government in a overseas territory to evacuate all production personnel from the country.
  • Deprivation – Loss of use or possession equipment caused by the failure or refusal of the Foreign Government to permit the export of equipment or production being prevented from exporting equipment due to the inability to obtain an export licence from the appropriate authority.
  • Expropriation – Loss of or damage equipment caused by confiscation, seizure, appropriation, expropriation and requisition or wilful destruction/damage under the order of a Foreign Government.
  • Riot and Terrorism – Destruction of or damage to equipment caused by riots, strikes, civil commotions, terrorism or malicious damage.
  • Licence Cancellation – The cancellation of filming permits or relevant licences to film by a Foreign Government.
  • Evacuation – The evacuation of all production personnel due to a political or military event occurring within a overseas territory.

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